New Mortal Kombat Movie Poster Reveals First Look At Mileena

Mortal Kombat

In case you hadn’t already heard the good news, Warner Bros. has finally set a date for Mortal Kombat‘s long-awaited trailer.

The movie, a reboot of the franchise in cinema following 1997’s awful (and not in a good way) Annihilation, will see director Simon McQuoid and writer Todd Garner pulling out all the stops to ensure the titular tournament’s live-action return is one fit for modern audiences and filled with all the gore that fans would expect. It goes without saying, of course, that all of the iconic characters you’d hope to have participate in the battle to decide Earthrealm’s fate will be present and accounted for, including series mascots Scorpion and Sub-Zero, for which various stills have already been released.

One combatant we’ve seen nothing of, however, is Mileena. Despite confirming her inclusion, the imposter princess of Outworld has remained hidden away. Until now, that is. As part of the hype campaign for tomorrow’s trailer drop, Warner Bros. has been releasing posters showcasing each warrior, and now we have one for the aforementioned Mileena.

Check out actress Sisi Stringer’s interpretation of the role down below:

Exactly as one would expect, Shao Kahn’s imperfect clone of Kitana retains her trademark toothy grin and sai daggers from the games and we surely speak for everyone in voicing our anticipation for watching Stringer in action alongside the rest of the cast. Folks interested in getting a first-look at other characters, including Raiden and Shang Tsung, can hit the link below.

Mortal Kombat is available in theaters and on HBO Max starting April 17th. The latter version will only be available to stream for one month, though, before being temporarily removed until DVD/Blu-ray releases later in the year.