Early moviegoers are gushing over Disney’s latest musical, Encanto


Disney’s Encanto is out today and the love is pouring in from all over for the musical animated comedy.

Encanto means “charm” in Spanish and the movie tells the story of the magical Madrigal family, who all have some sort of powers with one exception. Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) plays their one ordinary daughter, Mirabel.

Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) composed the original songs for Disney’s 60th animated movie.

Beatriz told NBC News that playing Mirabel brought back memories of growing up in her own extended family.

“When I think about my childhood, it’s a lot of people talking all at once, animatedly, over each other — there’s, like, 10 conversations happening in one room, and as a kid you’re just trying to follow everything that’s going on,” said Beatriz, whose parents are Colombian and Bolivian. “It’s very loud and super rhythmic. I think that the flavor of that, the sensibility of that, is really captured within the music of this animated musical, which I think is very special.” 

Miranda also said the experience of making the movie reminded him of his own family.

“That was the most matriarchal family,” he said about his dad’s family in Puerto Rico. “Everyone still lived in the house, and everyone brought their checks to Abuela, and she reallocated the funds as she saw fit.”

Melissa Fumero, Beatriz’ Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star, said the film was “pure magic.”

One fan who found the movie relatable tweeted, “There are no words to describe the joy and pride.”

The film’s fresh Rotten Tomato score is pretty impressive.

One viewer calls it “another winner.”

Honestly this one is just wholesome. Where’s Dad?

We’re starting to see a pattern here.

The movie’s doing well on all fronts and even beat out the heavily hyped House of Gucci at the box office.

Encanto is in theaters now with a Disney Plus premiere to be announced. Have you seen the movie? Is it living up to the hype? Let us know below!