I’d Rather Be At The Movies: “Luck Of The Irish Edition” (Episode 5)


Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day everyone! If you’re reading this post and tuning in for another week’s worth of WGTC podcasting, then that means you’ve survived an onslaught of corned beef, Irish soda bread, and a non-stop stream of liquid emotion erasers (alcohol). Congratulations! You’ve lived to see another year, and more importantly another year full of myself and Justine bantering about the movie industry. Hell, we spent our own St. Patty’s Days holed up talking about cinema, as my night ended without a single drop of alcohol and the shame-eating of a burrito at 11:30PM. There’s always next year?

This week was a bit of a recap for Justine and myself, as last week I broadcasted (recorded) right out of the heart of Texas. We Got This Covered was doing what we do best and taking South by Southwest by storm. Unfortunately though, I was without my partner in crime Ms. Browning, so first I wanted to catch her up on everything she missed. A lot of fantastic movies were screened, and some super fun interviews were conducted, all of which are finding their way onto the site.

This week also sees the release of a few high profile movies, from Divergent to Muppets Most Wanted, but early reviews are coming in pretty mixed on both films. Concerning Divergent, it’s hard not to also question the future of Young Adult adaptations with such critically abysmal reviews slamming yet another Hunger Games wannabe. Will this be the end of tween action films aside from the already established franchises with a firm grasp on the genre? We have no idea, but we sure have our opinions!

Hope you all enjoy another episode of I’d Rather Be At The Movies, the best (by default) film podcast on WGTC!

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