Mulan 2 Reportedly In Early Development At Disney


Disney definitely isn’t going to stop with their endless procession of live-action remakes any time soon. The only hitch is, though, that they’re starting to run low on iconic properties to reboot. The next stage of the business plan, then, seems to be to expand the ones they’ve already made with sequels. We know that Aladdin 2 is on the way, for example, and even though the first one isn’t even out yet, a follow-up to Mulan is also in the works.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us last year about the live-action Bambi remake, and that National Treasure 3 was happening months before it was announced – Disney is now in very early development on Mulan 2. Unfortunately, though, with the movie still over a month away from hitting theaters, there’s nothing concrete we can tell you about the follow-up just yet. All we know is that in terms of its story, it’ll be a sequel and not, say, a prequel or spinoff.

Of course, there was previously a sequel to the animated version, 2004’s Mulan II. This direct-to-video effort dealt with Mulan and Li Shang’s impending nuptials, as well as their task to escort three brides across the country, whose arranged marriages to foreign princes will benefit China. The movie was poorly received though and is little remembered nowadays, so don’t expect Disney to draw much from it when developing a live-action Mulan 2. 

It’s currently unclear whether director Niki Caro would return to helm but as it’s being pitched as a sequel, this presumably means Liu Yifei would reprise her role as the eponymous warrior princess. As for the rest of the cast, though, well, we can’t say just yet. Again, all we’ve been told is that development has begun on a follow-up as the studio has high hopes for the upcoming remake.

Also starring the likes of Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee and Jet Li, Mulan is due to arrive in cinemas on March 27th. Maybe if it proves to be the big earner Disney’s hoping for, an official announcement about a sequel will then be made. Watch this space for more.

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