The Mummy Reigns Supreme In Latest TV Spot For Universal Reboot

Princess Ahmanet unleashes a pent-up rage two millennia in the making in the latest, downright spooky TV spot for The Mummy, Universal and Alex Kurtzman’s budding reboot that’s poised to get the ball rolling on the studio’s wildly ambitious Monsters Universe in two months’ time.

Pegged for theatrical release on June 9th, this particular incarnation of The Mummy places Kingsman: The Secret Service breakout Sofia Boutella in the title role. Robbed of her rightful destiny eons ago, Ahmanet was thought to be safely entombed under the sands of the Middle East – that is, until Tom Cruise’s military man Nick Morton uncovers her resting place years after the fact. It’s a historic discovery for all of humanity, but as Cruise, Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis), Sgt. Vail (Jake Johnson), Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe) and the team of Prodigium quickly begin to realize, the Mummy’s sheer power and animosity defy belief. And she’s placed her crosshairs on the English capital of London.

Indeed that rage bubbles to the fore in the film’s latest TV spot, which comes to us by way of Twitter. This is the second sizzling teaser in as many weeks, so it’s likely Universal is employing a one-promo-per-week strategy until the film opens in June. Let’s just hope there are still some surprises (and Easter eggs!) to enjoy on the big screen.

Universal and Alex Kurtzman will conjure up an evil the likes of which we’ve never seen when The Mummy looms over theaters on June 9th. Other creature features gestating at the studio include Van Helsing, the Invisible Man (Johnny Depp), Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Bride of Frankenstein.