Someone’s Already Made A Murder Hornets Movie, Releases Next Month

Murder Hornets

2020 hasn’t been off to the greatest start. With an ongoing pandemic responsible for millions of infections and a quarter million deaths, we really don’t need much else on our plate right now. But that hasn’t stopped one deadly insect from spreading to Washington from its original home of Asia, ensuring that this year only becomes even more stressful.

The Asian giant hornet, known by a far more threatening name of the “murder hornet,” is a species of large flying insects native to Asia. They’re responsible for over 50 human deaths a year in Japan, and they can wipe out a beehive in a staggeringly short period of time while killing upwards of 5 bees per minute. If that doesn’t make you feel a tinge of discomfort, few things probably do.

The species was first spotted in Washington in the final months of 2019, but the hornets are now multiplying in the state, so the government is being forced to step up in an attempt to eradicate all of them, or our bee population could suffer greatly – not to mention the threat they may pose to humans in the country.

Murder Hornets

But it wouldn’t be America if there wasn’t already a movie being released based on the murder hornets, and it’s appropriately titled Angry Asian Murder Hornets. The film, which is being released on-demand on June 1st via SCS Entertainment, follows a Californian anthropologist as he attempts to find a way to combat an invasion of mutated, exceptionally large murder hornets threatening to kill everyone.

Angry Asian Murder Hornets stars Shawn C. Phillips, Sheri Davis, Jarad Allen and John R. Walker and is directed by Dustin Ferguson and Erik Anthony Russo. Like films such as Sharknado, expect a hilarious and purposefully awful B-movie adventure worth watching for its campy tone alone.

The real-life invasion of murder hornets has sparked plenty of concern across the internet, of course, but hopefully Angry Asian Murder Hornets will at least bring a bit of humor to the situation when it launches next month.