The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Asian Murder Hornets Arriving In The US

Murder Hornets

The online population is known for making a lot of memes regarding how each year is a frustrating, exhausting mess that needs to end. We probably all remember the bevy of 2019 memes that permeated every social media platform all the way up to 2020, promising that the new year would be a fresh start. Instead, they were met with a dose of reality – every year for the rest of their lives will have awful things happen within it because that’s just life.

2020, in particular, has been off to a rough start. World War III fears erupted in January after a prominent Iranian military commander was killed by a US-led drone attack, and February saw far-reaching Australian wildfires that made for some harrowing experiences. All the while, the COVID-19 coronavirus has been busy doing its thing, infecting over 3.5 million people worldwide and amassing a staggering death toll of 249,000.

The pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, leading to a divide in its epicenter of the United States where millions are eager to return to work and normal life, while others are continuing to cautiously avoid socialization in fear of another surge in the virus. There are no signs of it going away anytime soon, either, with many health officials stating that the end of the year could see another huge spike in cases.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, now we have to contend with the emergence of the Asian giant hornet, also know by its much more appropriate name, “murder hornet.” The species was first spotted in Washington in late 2019 and is now multiplying in the state, forcing the government to step in and attempt to eradicate them before they become a widespread problem across the country.

The murder hornets are responsible for over 50 human deaths a year in Japan, and they’re known to wipe out entire beehives in a ridiculously short length of time, with a single hornet often killing up to 4 or 5 bees per minute. If the country doesn’t act fast, the encroaching murder hornets could have drastic consequences for America’s bee population.

Now, the internet is chiming in to remind us that 2020 has been a damn mess and that murder hornets are the last thing we needed.

Murder Hornets

Of course, it’s worth noting that the spread of the murder hornet species would not be as detrimental as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and is being mildly blown out of proportion by the internet, but it’s nevertheless a concerning new development that could have some serious impacts on bees and our ecosystem. And it’s just another sign that 2020 has been one hell of a year for bad stuff to happen.

That said, if you think 2021 is going to be a magical cure, think again. Just make the best of things, stay safe inside, and keep your family close – we’ll all make it through this together.