The Music From That Avengers 4 Leak Won’t Be Used In Trailer


A couple of days ago, an alleged leak on a Russian trailer group started getting online attention for its assertions that the long-awaited first trailer for Avengers 4 will be coming out in November, and that it will confirm the title to be Avengers: Annihilation. But while these are both predictions that have been circulating the internet for a while now, the rumor also included the unusual bonus claim that this teaser’s music will be a variation on the “Dust and Light” piece from the Hobbit movies.

Just today, however, Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic has posted an addendum to this rumor, saying that the title and the trailer release both seem legit, but that the music part of this report has been taken the wrong way. Apparently, one of the admins of the Russian group happened to have this track on their playlist, and they just felt like adding it as accompaniment to the post.

The rousing score certainly sounds like it would fit with the next big screen outing from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but then maybe that’s why the admin thought of it. In any case, while it very much looks like the upcoming trailer will be finding some different music to accompany it, the new post does also mention that the admin’s source was someone directly involved with the promo. Take that how you will, but seeing how Conrad has a better track record than most with these things, there’s at least some reason to believe that these are more than just empty claims

Since Kevin Feige himself recently said that the trailer will be coming before the end of the year, it won’t be long until this and similar reports are proven wrong or right. In the meantime, one thing we can feel pretty confident about is that Avengers 4 will be hitting theaters on May 3rd, 2019.

Source: MCU Cosmic