Music Is The Fuel Powering This International Trailer For Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver


The heist begins in the official international trailer for Baby Driver, Edgar Wright’s long-awaited action flick in which The Fault in Our Stars actor Ansel Elgort gets behind the wheel as the titular (and talented!) getaway driver.

Suffering from a rare hearing disorder (tinnitus?), Elgort’s reticent lead character speeds around the city to his own personal soundtrack – and that’s what makes him the best, according to Kevin Spacey’s glowering mob boss Doc. He’s a veteran criminal around these parts, and after courting Baby back for one last job, things begin to get complicated once the film’s rotating roster of bank robbers – one comprised of Jon Hamm, The Punisher‘s Jon Bernthal, Eiza González and a trigger-happy Jamie Foxx – scupper a clean getaway.

What follows is an über-stylish actioner that looks to be masterfully edited to the film’s fist-pumping soundtrack. Fans of Wright’s body of work (see: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) ought to feel right at home with Baby Driver, and you’ll be able to find the official synopsis, below.

A talented, young getaway driver relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. When he meets the girl of his dreams, Baby sees a chance to ditch his criminal life and make a clean getaway. But after being coerced into working for a crime boss, he must face the music when a doomed heist threatens his life, love and freedom.

It’s an action movie powered by music, essentially, and we’ll find out whether Edgar Wright’s long-anticipated passion project was worth the wait once Baby Driver races into theaters on June 28th. That’s a little earlier than initially planned, after TriStar Pictures reshuffled its release slate to safeguard Baby from Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049. The positive outpouring of support from SXSW 2017 helped nudge Wright’s action-comedy-crime pic into the crowded summer window, too, and you can find our own review right here if you’re looking for more.