Watch: Magik Goes Toe To Toe With Demon Bear In New Mutants Clip

The New Mutants

Josh Boone’s superhero film The New Mutants is set to arrive in select theaters starting August 28th. And in order to get fans riled up for the flick, 20th Century Fox has uploaded yet another new clip from the movie, this one showing Anya Taylor-Joy’s character Magik facing off against a supervillain known as Demon Bear.

For those of you who are not aware of the source material, The New Mutants will tell the story of a group of youngsters burdened with specific superpowers. It’s slated to be the last film in Fox’s X-Men franchise, which includes beloved outings like Logan as well as not so beloved movies like Dark Phoenix. 

Stellar action aside, the spinoff stars two exciting up-and-coming actresses. Maisie Williams, who plays Wolfsbane, achieved international stardom when she landed the role of Arya Stark in HBO’s long-running though recently-finalized fantasy epic Game of Thrones. Taylor-Joy, meanwhile, played leading roles in Split and Emma.

Of course, The New Mutants has taken quite a while to arrive. Though initially set to be with us in 2016, production was temporarily halted when Disney began taking over 20th Century Fox. Finally, as post-production was wrapping up, the coronavirus pandemic forced movie theaters around the world to close. Disney decided to wait for an opportunity to get it into the cinema, though, rather than exploring other avenues.

That opportunity has now come, though not without its toll on the talent involved. Appearing at a digital rendition of Comic-Con earlier this summer, director Boone and company commented on the film’s lengthy road to a theatrical release and acknowledged that fans online had been referring to the pic as cursed, fearing it might never appear before an audience. But at long last, The New Mutants will be with us later this month.