The New Mutants Poster Suggests It Won’t Be Part Of The MCU

Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes

Earlier this month, the official newsletter for the D23 fan-club got the internet talking when it claimed in a now-deleted section that The New Mutants will serve as “a seriously electrifying new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

The statement fueled ongoing speculation that Marvel Studios may have reworked the Fox film to fit into the continuity of Disney’s MCU, but if the new poster for Josh Boone’s upcoming X-Men spinoff is anything to go by, then it looks like the newsletter’s heavily circulated statement was deleted for good reason.

At first glance, the new artwork seems to leave a lot to the imagination, showing only the film’s five main mutants behind some stylish lettering. However, in a potentially significant omission, the Marvel Studios logo is nowhere to be seen. Instead, on the poster’s bottom right-hand corner, we see the logo for 20th Century Studios, the new name for the company formerly known as 20th Century Fox.

At the very least, this detail suggests that Disney has no intention of promoting The New Mutants as another entry in the MCU.

Granted, some fans may be holding out hope that Marvel will reveal this connection as a twist in the film itself. But given all the bad buzz that’s plagued Boone’s flick due to multiple delays and rumors of production difficulties, you’d think that Disney’s marketing team would be shouting the movie’s MCU credentials from the rooftops in order to generate more enthusiasm for the feature.

That being said, there’s also the possibility that Marvel is waiting to see how Boone’s film performs before they decide whether or not to retcon it into the MCU. Either way, you can judge for yourself if these are characters worth revisiting when The New Mutants finally hits theaters on April 3rd.