Disney May’ve Revealed That The New Mutants Is Part Of The MCU


UPDATE: Disney has now removed the section about the film from the posting on their website, meaning either someone made a mistake, or revealed something they weren’t supposed to.

After a long period where it looked like the project may never escape from development hell, The New Mutants is finally set to hit theaters in April. It hasn’t exactly been an easy road to the big screen for the X-Men spinoff, which originally wrapped shooting all the way back in September 2017, and then became beset by a series of problems ranging from planned reshoots that threatened to change the entire tone of the movie, to the Disney takeover of 20th Century Fox that left Josh Boone’s comic book flick in a state of limbo.

Many thought that The New Mutants may never even get a theatrical release, and could ultimately end up being dumped on Disney Plus or Hulu in order to spare the property’s new owners from potential box office disappointment. However, after months of radio silence, the movie is finished and ready to go, with Boone even claiming that the final cut represents his original vision. Fans have reacted positively to the new trailer that dropped several days ago as well and slowly but surely, anticipation is building for The New Mutants once again.

After Disney ordered all references to Fox’s X-Men franchise to be removed from the movie though, it seemed as if the horror-tinged feature would be a one-and-done effort, with the Mouse House simply washing their hands of the entire ordeal as soon as it got released. Yet, in another twist in the tale, the official newsletter for the D23 fan-club has not only hyped up The New Mutants, but even states that it will officially be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when describing the studio’s latest superhero adventure.

“There’s a seriously electrifying new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it comes in the form of the latest from 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment…”

If this turns out to be true, this is huge news for the MCU, because it will mark the first time that the word ‘mutant’ has ever been used under the Marvel Studios banner. With the X-Men set to become part of the series going forward, it was only a matter of time before the phrase eventually became canon anyway.

This also corroborates the scoop that We Got This Covered brought you the other day, where we told you that Kevin Feige was impressed with The New Mutants, and was keen to absorb the group into the MCU if it ended up being a hit. So unless this turns out to be a typo on Disney’s part, then a movie that looked doomed several months ago could be set to be a game-changer for Hollywood’s biggest brand.