The New Mutants May Be Delayed Again And Released On Hulu

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Remember when we were set to have three X-Men movies released in 2018? Well, we did get Deadpool 2 twice, in fact – but Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants were both pushed back until this year. DP looks set to land in June as planned, though early reactions are certainly not positive, but we haven’t had any update about New Mutants for ages. So is it still on target to hit theaters in August?

Apparently not, according to one source. Merc with A Podcast’s Scott Bechtel claims that a split between Fox and director Josh Boone is due to cause another delay to the movie’s release. It seems there are two options being discussed at the studio right now: a possible cinematic release in November, or dropping it onto Hulu in October.

This info should be considered as just a rumor at this stage, but it’s worth pointing out that we’ve heard about the creative differences between Boone and Fox many times before now. It seems after The New Mutants trailer debuted back in October 2017 and went down a treat, the studio decided to reshoot the movie in order to up the horror content. However, the director was already happy with the cut he’d previously delivered.

As well as – or perhaps because of – this conflict, these planned extensive reshoots for the film never occurred, despite being slated to go down last September. They had some major plans for the reshoots, too, including adding in a whole new character in Warlock and swapping out the post-credits scene for one featuring Antonio Banderas. But we can presumably write these off as not happening now.

If it’s genuinely something they’re considering though, maybe it would be best if Fox just put The New Mutants up on Hulu as a curiosity for X-Men fans to seek out and be done with it.

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