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Three Names Added To The List Of Potential Justice League Directors

First it was Ben Affleck, then the Wachowski brothers were added. Not long after, rumors of Brett Ratner found their way into the mix too. Now, we may be able to add a few more names to the short-list of directors for the Justice League film.

First it was Ben Affleck, then the Wachowski brothers were added. Not long after, rumors of Brett Ratner found their way into the mix too. Now, we may be able to add a few more names to the short-list of directors for the Justice League film.

Peter Georgiou of Thinkmcflythink posted the following Tweet yesterday, which hints at a few exciting names that are being considered to helm Warner Bros.’ upcoming superhero flick.

If Georgiou is right, that adds three new directors to the mix. Fleisher refers to Reuben Fleisher, best known for Zombieland. McG, of course, directed Charlie’s Angels, Terminator Salvation and We Are Marshall, to name a few, but also has worked on the television show Supernatural. Zack Snyder is probably the most well known of the bunch and has the most comic-book experience, having worked on 300, Watchmen and the upcoming Man Of Steel

Georgiou later Tweeted that he heard that Warner is considering eight names in total, meaning the last two will probably leak sometime soon.

Of those added, I think Snyder would be the best choice. He’s done great with both of his previous comic adaptations, and Man Of Steel looks like it may be his best film yet.

Also, Henry Cavill looks like he may be the only actor to star in an individual film before joining the JLA. Having a consistent look between the individual film for the League’s cornerstone and the complete Justice League film would be ideal, making Snyder a logical choice to helm the project.

In terms of Fleisher, I loved Zombieland, it’s one of my favorite movies of the last decade, but I just don’t know how well he would be able to translate what he’s done to the Justice LeagueWe’d have a better idea if Gangster Squad was going to release on its originally scheduled date, but unfortunately we won’t have the privilege of seeing his work there until January.

McG would definitely not be my first choice. He’s a talented director but what I’ve seen of his work doesn’t lead towards the Justice League movie that fans are hoping for. To be honest, he seems like a peculiar addition relative to the others on the list.

What do you think of these new directors? Who does Warner still need to add to their list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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