Namor has god-level strength in the MCU, according to ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ director

namor black panther wakanda forever
Image via Marvel Studios

Director Ryan Coogler had been wanting to bring this comic book character to life on-screen for some time, and now, Namor is front and center in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The character has made quite the impression on Coogler and finally, we get to see him in all his powered glory, which according to the director, is god-like.

When planning the first film, Coogler was considering including Namor, and though he didn’t make it into Black Panther we finally are getting our on-screen introduction to the character, portrayed by Tenoch Huerta, in the sequel. Namor is sometimes a hero/sometimes an anti-hero he is both a thorn in their side and an ally to The Avengers, though you would rather have him with you than against you.

Per Marvel, Coogler explained why the inclusion of this character was extremely important to him.

“Introducing Namor for us was really an opportunity to introduce another politician, another sovereign ruler of a group of people who represents more than himself.”

Not only is it what Namor represents, but it’s also what he brings to the table in regard to his abilities that make him such a challenge.

“There’s no equal in terms of his capabilities, being able to breathe underwater and breathe at high altitudes and walk around on land. He’s incredibly strong, he’s as strong as Thor, and if he’s around enough water he can be as strong as the Hulk.”

Marvel Studios.

It isn’t just his physical abilities that make him strong though, it’s his conviction that what he is doing is right, it’s for the sake of his people, something that Queen Ramonda and Princess Shuri most likely relate to.

Producer Nate Moore says that Namor, “a man who believes 100 percent that he is the hero”, is just doing what he thinks is best.

“He doesn’t see himself as a villain because in Namor’s eyes what he is doing he’s doing to protect a people who have already made it through a tragic history.”

God-like strength and strong, seemingly altruistic motives behind his actions make him a powerful character indeed, one that even the Wakandan warriors will struggle with as the two once-hidden nations clash in the upcoming film.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is almost upon us and land in theatres on Nov. 11.