New Trailer For The Lone Ranger Hypes The Plot, The Actors And The Trains

The Lone Ranger1

From the very moment it was announced, I have been both skeptical and excited for The Lone Ranger, and not just because of the questionable casting of Johnny Depp. The original TV show was so embedded in its time, and became so iconic, that it was difficult to imagine how Disney and Gore Verbinski would go about bringing it up to date without offending just about everyone. With the latest trailer hitting, I confess that I’m still skeptical.

We have a bit more to go on in terms of plot and secondary characters now, all of which look and sound just fine to me. I’m not totally clear as to who the main villain is going to be, but maybe that’s an important reveal. And although we may see too much of Helena Bonham-Carter being weird, she does weird so very very well.

The campaign to this point has focused largely on Depp as the big-name star. This trailer has more of Armie Hammer as the masked man himself – and that All-American Boy really fits the part.

I continue to feel a bit nervous about Depp, though. The role of Tonto was never going to be easy, but he looks and, in this trailer, talks too much like Jack Sparrow transplanted to the Old West. Depp is a good actor when he tries, but I’m beginning to wonder if he’s ever going to try again.

The CGI is likewise questionable and the brief images we get of the big set piece train chase does not inspire me with hope. Verbinski has done good things with CGI before, though. Maybe I’m trying to take too much from a few shots.

We shall know whether The Lone Ranger rides again or falls off his horse on July 3, 2013 (just in time for July 4 weekend, y’all). Until then, check out the newest trailer below and let us know what you think.