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Neil Blomkamp is still working on a ‘District 9’ sequel

District 10 does not have a release date, plot or casting set at this time.

District 9 alien face

Director Neil Blomkamp came onto the scene in 2009 with his District 9 and, while the film wowed critics and audiences, development on a sequel has languished to the extent the 42-year-old is still working on writing the script for one as of 2022.

“I am still working on it … the answer is it’s within the near-future.”

The South African-Canadian filmmaker gives the tease about what is to come in an article published by Dexerto yesterday. Blomkamp announced he was writing District 10 last year on Twitter with partners Terri Tatchell and Sharlto Copley and the project is apparently inspired by an aspect of American history. The original film touched on South Africa’s apartheid legacy and if the sequel does get made it will be a return to a successful world for Blomkamp, whose subsequent films have not been as praised.

Since 2009 he has made Elysium, Chappie, and Demonic. Each has seen lower reviews than the last, with critical receptions of 65, 32 and 15 percent respectively on Rotten Tomatoes, and a number of other projects he was set to make, like Robocop Returns, have not come together. He is currently being eyed to direct a Gran Turismo racing video game adaptation for the Sony studio.

Of the last, fans are perplexed;

District 10 does not have a release date, plot or casting set at this time. It is assumed Sharlto Copley will return as Wikus van de Merwe. WGTC will have more on the development of the film following persecuted prawn aliens as we learn it.

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