Neil Gaiman Takes A Stand Against Disney

A photo portrait of author Neil Gaiman, shown looking up at the viewer from what appears to be an ancient large tome
Courtesy Neil Gaiman

It’s not often someone would stand up to a juggernaut like Disney, but it looks like one author has the cajones to take them on. Neil Gaiman, the author of novels like Coraline, Stardust, and American Gods, made a post on Twitter discussing how the company has not been paying their creators fairly and that some weren’t being paid at all.

Previously, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America made people aware of the company’s issues with paying writers and other creators but have since made updates saying that the problems have not ceased. With Gaiman leading the drive, #DisneyMustPay has once again soared into prominence, gaining the awareness of even more people than it had before.

With the DisneyMust Play Task Force on the case, it looks like more authors than ever before might be able to take on Disney and finally get paid what they deserve.

We’ll have to see if Neil Gaiman’s influence can help put pressure on Disney to properly compensate people going forward.