Netflix Added 6 New Movies/TV Shows Today

Black Summer

The continued battle for supremacy in the streaming wars has led to an onslaught on content arriving on a weekly basis, and it’s now reached a stage where the success of Loki on Disney Plus has seen the platform shift its entire release strategy, with all exclusive shows set to roll out on a Wednesday from this point forward.

Not only does that mean subscribers won’t be forced to choose between a movie and TV series should they both hit the Mouse House’s library on the same day, but it also creates some distance between Disney Plus and Netflix, which tends to drop the majority of high profile titles on a Friday, so they can entice the biggest possible audience over the weekend.

Indeed, Amazon, Netflix, Apple TV+ and Hulu often favor the Friday model, while HBO Max, Peacock and Paramount+ have plumped for Thursdays, meaning that Netflix will largely try and avoid unveiling any top tier content on the fourth day of the week. With that in mind, there are only half a dozen new additions been made to the library today, and you can check the list out below.

Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens
Black Summer: Season 2
The Gift: Season 3
Hospital Playlist: Season 2
Silver Linings Playbook

silver linings playbook

In terms of drawing in a crowd, acclaimed drama Silver Linings Playbook stands a decent chance of winding up in the Top 10 most-watched list given the abundance of star power on display that includes an Academy Award winning Jennifer Lawrence performance, with support from Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.

Apocalyptic zombie series Black Summer has returned with its second season as well, and history has more than shown that Netflix viewers are keen on genre-driven programming. But the rest of the fresh arrivals don’t possess much of what you’d call breakout potential, even if several of them do have plenty of fans.