Netflix Added 8 New Movies And TV Shows Today

Space Sweepers

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic decimated the theatrical industry and times were much more precedented and a lot more certain, February still wasn’t a great month for movies.

There was barely a crowd-pleaser to be found, with the focus largely placed on the awards season holdovers looking to get a little bump in box office takings through some positive word of mouth and a nomination or two. Luckily, streaming services are offering up more fresh content than ever on a regular basis as competition continues to heat up, and Netflix have added eight new titles to the library today, all of which couldn’t be more different from each other.

Malcolm & Marie will no doubt rocket into the Top 10 most-watched list given the presence of Zendaya and John David Washington in the title roles, not to mention the involvement of Euphoria creator Sam Levinson as writer and director. But there are a few other new additions worth looking into as well.

Not only is there a global feel to the recent arrivals, which hail from all over the world, but they also run the entire genre spectrum. Spanish period crime drama Hache is back for a second season, while Ice Age and Rio director Carlos Saldanha moves into live-action as the creator and executive producer of Brazilian fantasy series Invisible City, and you can check out the full list of what hit the platform today down below.

  • Hache: Season 2
  • Invisible City
  • Little Big Women
  • Malcolm & Marie
  • Space Sweepers
  • Strip Down, Rise Up
  • The Last Paradiso
  • The Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity

malcolm & marie

Acclaimed Taiwanese film Little Big Women and Italian romance The Last Paradiso will appeal to fans of international cinema, while Strip Down, Rise Up has documentary enthusiasts covered. South Korea’s first ever sci-fi blockbuster Space Sweepers, meanwhile, is sure to entice a few curious viewers, but The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity comes burdened with some controversy having vanished from Chinese theaters at the turn of the year after facing plagiarism accusations. The octet might not be for everyone, then, but Netflix continues to champion projects from around the world to their 200 million subscribers.