Netflix Added 9 New Movies/TV Shows Today

The Woman in the Window

Netflix bolsters its lineup of content on an almost daily basis, but it isn’t too often that the streaming service adds a large number of new titles on the same day that are all in-house originals. Today is one of those rare occasions, though, with nine new additions to the library all coming slapped with the company’s branding that won’t be found anywhere else.

It’s an eclectic mix to say the least, covering both movies and TV shows in the live-action and animated realms. In terms of nothing but sheer star power and name value, the biggest of the bunch is The Woman in the Window. Directed by Atonement and Darkest Hour‘s Joe Wright, the literary adaptation boasts a stellar cast that includes Netflix favorite Anthony Mackie, Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Wyatt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Julianne Moore.

However, the film has been gathering dust for a long time having wrapped production in October 2018 before being put on the shelf, where it remained until Netflix stepped in to acquire the rights last August, so there’s no guarantee it’ll be anything close to great. Regardless, you can check out the full list of today’s new arrivals below:

Haunted: Season 3
I Am All Girls
Jungle Beat: The Movie
Love, Death & Robots: Volume 2
Move to Heaven
The Strange House
The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window

Ewan McGregor starring in the latest Ryan Murphy series should see Halston draw in a decent-sized audience, while cult favorite Love, Death & Robots is also back with new episodes. Elsewhere, Belgium’s Ferry, South Korea’s Move to Heaven, Germany’s The Strange House and South Africa’s I Am All Girls represent the world cinema contingent, but there’s not really anything that jumps out as must-see Netflix content today.