Netflix Just Added A Forgotten Harrison Ford Movie

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is an icon of cinema for a reason, as he’s managed to score hit movies in various genres. Sci-fi, action, adventure, thriller, drama… you name it, he’s nailed it. If there’s one genre he’s not associated with, though, that’d be the romcom. But nevertheless, he has history with that type of film, too. And Ford’s rare trip into the world of the romantic comedy, 2010’s Morning Glory, has just gone up on Netflix.

The streaming site added the film to its library today, marking the first time that it’s been available on Netflix since it released in US cinemas a decade ago. Maybe that’s partially the reason for why Morning Glory has been pretty much forgotten. Well, the fact that it’s only got 55% on Rotten Tomatoes probably didn’t help, either. Still, it’s a breezy, feel-good watch, and Ford is great value in it, so it’s worth giving it a go.

Morning Glory

Rachel McAdams stars as Becky Fuller, an ambitious TV producer who’s given the impossible job of saving a failing morning news show. She manages to convince washed-up news anchor Mike Pomeroy (Ford) to sign up to co-host with veteran presenter Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton). Unfortunately, however, the pair hate each other and Pomeroy’s flagrant dislike for the gig threatens to tank the show. Can Becky save the day?

Apart from Ford’s involvement, there’s another Star Wars connection to Morning Glory. It’s the first comedy produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production label, meaning this was the first time that Ford and Abrams worked together, a few years before the filmmaker got him to saddle up as Han Solo again in The Force Awakens. The rest of the cast, meanwhile, includes Patrick Wilson, Ty Burrell and Jeff Goldblum, and you can watch it on Netflix right now.