Netflix Added A New Halloween Movie And A Sci-Fi TV Show Today

Hubie Halloween

Being a Netflix subscriber in October is an exciting experience, thanks to the addition of so many classic films alongside brand new original content, much of which is Halloween focused in some form or fashion. That trend continues today, too, as we’ve now got another drop for the streaming platform and though it may be small, it comes packing quite the punch.

Adam Sandler’s horror comedy Hubie Halloween is the most notable release, ensuring Halloween enthusiasts will have a little something to offer laughs and frights just in time for the holiday. It follows the story of Hubie Dubois, a sweet but eccentric man who works diligently to ensure his town’s citizens remain safe during Halloween. But when a criminal escapes and people begin to vanish, Hubie soon finds that he may just be the only person who can solve the mystery.

Additionally, Russian sci-fi show To the Lake also dropped today, and it tells the tale of a group of individuals who survive a global plague but find themselves having lost their humanity in the process. It looks pretty compelling, so it may be worth checking out, even if the subject matter hits a little close to home in these trying times.

It should be noted that Netflix was also supposed to release the sixth and final season of the incredibly popular show Schitt’s Creek today, too. However, the service decided to surprise viewers with an early debut over the weekend, so hardcore fans are sure to have already binged through most of it by now.

If you’re not really in the mood for any Adam Sandler shenanigans, though, you can always head through here to take a look at what else Netflix is adding in October. You’ll especially want to keep an eye on the 9th, as it brings with it The Haunting of Bly Manor and it’s now the perfect time of year to get your spook on.