Netflix Just Added A Great New Original Horror Movie


If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’re probably not hurting for new content to watch, as the past few months have been filled with exceptional movies and shows that many of us haven’t even had a chance to get through yet. September alone has offered a bevy of fresh titles on the platform like Todd Phillips’ already-dominating Due Date, civil war classic Glory, and the full Back to the Future trilogy, among dozens of other stellar additions.

If you’re a horror fan, Netflix has you just as well taken care of, too. With creepy options like the 2015 Poltergeist remake, New England-based The Witch and the unnervingly creative Insidious, there’s surely no shortage of spookiness to go around. But rest assured that the service is far from done adding chilling content to keep you up at night, and today marks the arrival of a creepy new Netflix Original movie.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a psychological horror film written, directed and produced by Charlie Kaufman. It tells the story of new lovers Cindy (Jessie Buckley) and Jake (Jesse Plemons) who go on a road trip to visit the latter’s parents at their rural farm. When a snowstorm shows up and traps them there, though, Cindy begins to notice that Jake’s family isn’t quite normal, and she’s forced to confront the fact that the trip may not go as planned.


The film currently sits at a solid 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, promising stellar acting and writing alongside some truly uncomfortable imagery that’s sure to seep into your brain and stay there long after the credits roll. If you’re into horror, you won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to pick this for your Friday night movie.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things isn’t the only Netflix Original set for September, of course, so why not head through here to check out what other original programming the platform has planned for the rest of the month? It’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting couple of weeks, that’s for sure.