Netflix Just Added A Great Underrated Ryan Reynolds Movie

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is known throughout the world as a charming leading man. Whether he’s saving the day as the titular superhero in the Deadpool franchise or making everyone laugh as the adorable eponymous Pokémon in Detective Pikachu, the 43-year-old definitely knows how to dominate a screen.

While not all of his older movies have aged particularly well, there is one of his performances from back in the day that still stands the test of time all these years later. In fact, it’s very possible that one of the actor’s most enjoyable efforts is one that many people have never even heard of. Luckily for them, though, it’s now finally streaming on Netflix.

The 2005 comedy Waiting… is easily one of the most underrated titles in Reynolds’ expansive filmography. The plot centers around a quirky group of waiters and waitresses at a cheesy chain restaurant. All of them hate their job and are forced to entertain themselves through pranks, games and secretly contemning the food of their unwitting customers.


Though it might not sound like much, the flick was a hit with audiences and more than doubled its budget during its opening weekend in theaters. For one reason or another, though, the movie has since been all but forgotten by the masses.

Now that it’s widely available for people to watch, however, maybe older viewers will finally start to remember the mid-2000s gem and give it the respect it deserves. Even better, perhaps a young generation of comedy fans will fall in love with the insane characters that litter this wacky indie pic. At the very least, it’ll definitely make us appreciate Ryan Reynolds even more than we already do – if that’s possible.

In any case, Waiting… is now streaming on Netflix and we highly recommend checking it out.