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Netflix And Chills Announces Its Frightening New October Lineup

It’s the most wonderfully spooky time of the year and Netflix wants to celebrate with you!

Netflix and Chills

It’s the most wonderfully spooky time of the year, and for those of you who have been watching Halloween films for months now, Netflix is rolling out the proverbial red carpet for you. Netflix and Chills kicks off this month with a slew of new and existing Halloween favorites to put you in the mood for fear this year.

The best part? You can tell all of your friends who are holding on to summer that it’s officially spooky season, as the roll out on Netflix begins tomorrow. Hello pumpkin-everything with spooky delights, and goodbye summer.

Netflix is kicking things off with Into the Night Season 2 on September 8th and will continue releasing content every Wednesday leading up to our favorite holiday. So go ahead and cancel those hump day plans for the foreseeable future, and mark your calendars with glittery bat and pumpkin stickers, because you won’t want to miss a thing.

The list of new releases is as follows, from Decider.

  • Sept. 8Into the Night Season 2
  • Sept. 10LuciferPrey
  • Sept. 15Nightbooks
  • Sept. 17: Squid Game
  • Sept. 22Intrusion
  • Sept. 24Midnight Mass
  • Sept 29The Chestnut ManNo One Gets Out Alive
  • Oct. 1Scaredy Cats
  • Oct. 5Escape the Undertaker
  • Oct. 6There’s Someone Inside Your House
  • Oct. 8A Tale Dark & Grimm
  • Oct. 13Fever Dream
  • Oct. 15Sharkdog’s Fintastic HalloweenYOU Season 3
  • Oct. 20Night Teeth
  • Oct. 27Hypnotic
  • Also In OctoberLocke & Key Season 2; Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight Part 2

In the name of all that is frightening, Netflix put the highly anticipated release of season 3 of You on the list, just in time for Halloween.

Of course, in addition to new films and television, Netflix will highlight much-loved favorites from years past for you to enjoy this Halloween, too. Happy haunting!

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