Netflix Asks Fans To Put Out A #RedNotice, Mayhem Ensues

red notice

Netflix don’t really have to put in much effort when it comes to promoting the impending release of Red Notice ahead of the movie’s debut on Friday. The star-studded central trio of Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot boast hundreds of millions of social media followers between them, and that’s without even mentioning the streaming service’s global reach.

The $200 million action extravaganza is in with a real shot at dislodging Extraction as the platform’s most-watched original feature ever, and the social media buzz is already gaining some serious momentum. Netflix have asked fans to name who they want to see a #RedNotice put out on, and as you could have guessed, Twitter is having some fun.

Reviews have been mixed across the board so far, with Red Notice currently holding a middling 44% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but the vast majority of audiences don’t really tend to give a damn what the critics think when it comes to broad entertainment dripping in A-list talent.

There’s no other outcome besides Red Notice instantly rocketing to the top of the most-watched list and staying there for a long time, but at least Twitter users can whittle away the last couple of days before the film arrives to put out Interpol warrants on their nearest, dearest or anybody in between.