Red Notice Isn’t Faring Too Well On Rotten Tomatoes

red notice

If you take three of the world’s most popular movie stars, drop them into a $200 million blockbuster boasting wall-to-wall action, snappy dialogue and plenty of banter, then you’ve got the closest thing to a surefire hit as you can find in modern cinema. Just as well, then, because critics aren’t too enamored with Netflix’s Red Notice.

The streaming service’s biggest original film ever only held its world premiere last night, but the reactions coming out of the first screening were hugely polarizing. The consensus is that the leads single-handedly elevate the proceedings above mediocrity with their easy chemistry, but the rest of Red Notice is severely lacking.

Now that the reviews have started rolling in, we’re starting to get a better handle on the finished product, and the bad news is that Red Notice is currently sitting on a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 42% with 31 critics and counting having weighed in so far.

That’s not a great return given Netflix’s level of investment, but make no mistake; it’s going to have absolutely no effect on whether or not subscribers decide to fire it up as soon as possible on November 12 when it lands on the library. Red Notice is guaranteed to become one of the streamer’s most-watched exclusives ever, regardless of if it gets praised or panned.