New Netflix Horror Film Is Leaving Viewers Seriously Disturbed

Girl on the Third Floor

If you’ve been hankering for a good ol’ scare, we may just have the blood-drenched ticket for you.

That’s right, a new horror film has landed on Netflix recently and is allegedly so scary that it’s been profoundly disturbing the majority of its viewers.

Specifically, the movie in question is Travis Stevens’ psychological haunted house chiller, Girl On The Third Floor, and while it’s resonated surprisingly well with critics – the pic currently sits at an impressive 80% critical rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing – many have been left somewhat distressed by the streaming giant’s latest terrifying offering.

Girl on the Third Floor

For the most part, it sounds like Girl On The Third Floor has provoked a lot of interesting discourse and positive buzz over its creepy and disturbing themes and imagery. However, some were not very impressed by the film at all, as evidenced below:

Admittedly, this isn’t the first time that Netflix has released a horror flick that’s disturbed audiences. You may remember 2018’s The Perfection, which left viewers feeling a little queasy, too, with its gory imagery and creepy maggot-infested body horror. While it wasn’t exactly a perfect film per se, Richard Shepard’s mysterious drama was fairly suspenseful and boasted some pretty memorable scenes.

On the other hand, Girl On The Third Floor is said to be inspired by genre classics like Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut. From a narrative perspective, the pic focuses on the life of a husband attempting to renovate a newly acquired, dilapidated house for him and his wife to live in. Unfortunately, though, the house winds up having a supernatural presence that decides to give its new residents a spook. Eerie, right?

Tell us, though, have you had a chance to check out Girl On The Third Floor yet? If so, was it as scary as everyone is making it out to be? Let us know in the usual place down below.