Netflix Says That Army Of The Dead Is Already The Snyder Cut

Army of the Dead
Image via Netflix

One of the major reasons why streaming services continue to attract the biggest names in the business is the increased level of creative and artistic freedom. When trying to piece together a major project at one of the traditional studios, there’s typically a lot of compromising to ensure that the movie in question will appeal to the widest possible audience and thus generate the maximum amount of potential revenue.

For companies that have the guaranteed income of monthly subscription fees rolling in, though, that’s much less of a concern, and Netflix are happy to hand the keys to the kingdom over to the talent. Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is a perfect recent example of that, because you can bet the heavily R-rated and incredibly violent zombie actioner would have raised a few eyebrows were the $100 million blockbuster being lined up for a theatrical release.

Of course, the director is no stranger to butting heads with executives given his strenuous time at the helm of the DCEU, which even continued during post-production on HBO Max’s Justice League, but Netflix have sought to reassure viewers that Army of the Dead is 100% reflective of Snyder’s vision, as you can see below.

The director already took a dig at Warner Bros. when he proclaimed Army of the Dead would not be arriving in bastardized form, and it’s very obvious from watching the apocalyptic heist thriller that the filmmaker made the movie exactly how he envisioned it in his head. It’s already the most popular title on the platform, and should remain that way for at least the next week or so, with Netflix no doubt keen to retain Snyder’s services for whatever he comes up with next.