Netflix Launches Great New Feature To Help Indecisive Viewers

The old Guard

Anyone that subscribes to any streaming service has found themselves in the same situation at one stage, where you’ve cleared your schedule after a long day and sit down to relax on the couch with a movie or TV show for a couple of hours, only to spend what feels like an eternity deciding on what to watch. It’s a universal experience in the modern age, and it’s even worse if you’re under self-imposed pressure watching piping hot food get colder by the second as you agonize over hitting that play button.

Luckily, the world’s most popular platform has stepped in to make that decision for us, thanks to the launch of Netflix‘s new Play Something feature. The company have been in the testing phase for months, but the problem solver has officially rolled out globally on app-enabled TVs as of today, and it could be a blessing in disguise for the more indecisive viewer, with the mobile version on the way soon.

Using the almighty algorithm to inform its decision, Play Something presents users with a new film or television option based on their viewing history, catering to each customer’s individual taste and preferences. If you’re not sold on the recommendation, then Play Something Else will offer up another suggestion, and you simply rinse and repeat until something tickles your fancy.

The data incorporates everything from new additions to the library, the next episode in a series or installment in a franchise you’ve dipped into in the past, something from your watch list that’s been gathering dust or a show or movie you never actually got around to finishing. It sounds like it’s going to come in very handy, and could turn out to be one of Netflix‘s best new features yet.