Netflix releases new images fantasy film ‘The School for Good and Evil’

Image via Netflix

Netflix has just released images for its new movie The School for Good and Evil. The last time we saw photos from the movie was in May of 2021 and a month later, we got a trailer.

The book is based on the best-selling book series of the same name, by Soman Chainani. The latest and seventh installment of the series, The Rise of the School for Good and Evil, is set to release in May, so you can catch up on the story with the first six books now.

In the story, enchanted schools are where young students are taught to become either heroes or villains. It’s a fairytale, unlike Sky High or Harry Potter.

The two protagonists, Sophie and Agatha, will be played by Sofia Wylie and Sophia Anne Caruso.

The series will hit Netflix sometime this year, but the date is currently unknown. However, the new images from the movie are exciting.

The lineup for The School for Good and Evil movie is amazing, including Ben Kingsley, Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Michelle Yeoh, and Sofia Wylie.

Tor now, only the film adaptation has been announced, but the books were such a success that we can only hope that the movie will match their momentun.

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