Netflix Reportedly Developing Jupiter’s Legacy Movies

jupiter's legacy

Having spent $31 million on Millarworld and then anywhere up to $200 million on the first TV show to come out of the acquisition, which itself went wildly over schedule and massively over budget with the original showrunner departing in the midst of production due to creative differences, and then another filmmaker who’d never been involved before overseeing the post-production process as a consultant, Netflix have taken a sizeable hit on the short-lived Jupiter’s Legacy experiment.

Ratings were strong out of the gate, for the first weekend at least, but the critical response was middling at best and subscribers were split right down the middle on the series. Couple all that with the aforementioned issues in bringing it to the screen in the first place, and you can understand why the streaming service pulled the plug on the lavish comic book adaptation after just eight episodes.


However, insider Daniel Richtman now claims that Netflix are developing feature films set in the Jupiter’s Legacy world, presumably because it at least takes a little longer than setting a big pile of money on fire. The tipster doesn’t offer any additional details, but having refitted the premise into the basis of an anthologized universe, it isn’t entirely out of the question.

Supercrooks is set in the same reality as Jupiter’s Legacy, and will become the second installment in the shared mythos as a not at all reactionary move by the streamer. The more likely scenario, though, is that we’re getting a Millarworld Netflix universe as opposed to a specifically Jupiter’s Legacy one, when additional titles including The Magic Order, American Jesus, Empress, Huck, Sharkey the Bounty Hunter and Prodigy are all in various stages of development behind the scenes.