Netflix Reportedly Wants To Release 3 Adam Sandler Movies Per Year

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler has been certified as Netflix’s biggest draw on a number of occasions, with any of the movies from his back catalogue tending to dominate the Top 10 most-watched list as soon as they get added to the library, while all of his streaming exclusives so far have pulled in massive numbers as subscribers have spent a cumulative total of over 200,000 years watching his filmography.

Based on those metrics, the Happy Madison head honcho is well worth whatever the company are paying him, which is probably a vast amount. After all, not many talents in the industry are afforded the complete creative freedom to make as many movies as they want, about whatever they want, starring whoever they want, especially someone like Sandler, who’s been constantly bashed by critics for the last 25 years.

Netflix would be foolish not to keep the working relationship going for as long as possible given how much it benefits both parties, then, and insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the streamer wants him to release three movies per year for them. He says that the actor will “likely” star in all of the projects as well, which would certainly be a nice treat for fans.

After all, excluding cameos, only once in his entire career has Sandler played a major role in three movies released in the same calendar year, which happened in 2014. And out of those three, only Blended was a Happy Madison vehicle, with Men, Women & Children and The Cobbler marking two of his rare forays into dramatic territory where he didn’t need to stretch himself too thin as either a producer or creative driving force.

Of course, his company have released three or more films per year on a number of occasions, but Adam Sandler the actor has never been that prolific. According to Richtman, though, “it’s very likely” he’ll appear in all three and that can only be good news for his fans.