Netflix Subscribers Have Spent Over 200,000 Years Streaming Adam Sandler Movies

Adam Sandler

The critics might largely tend to disagree, but for Netflix at least, everything Adam Sandler touches turns to gold. The actor’s exclusive partnership with the world’s biggest streaming service has seen the regular production line of Happy Madison comedies rocket towards the upper echelons of the Top 10 most-watched list, racking up million of views in the process.

Even his older movies are always guaranteed to post a good showing when they get added to the content library, and absolutely nobody was shocked in the slightest when it was revealed that Netflix’s most popular original film of 2020 was Hubie Halloween. The platform currently boasts over 190 million subscribers worldwide, and based on the numbers, an awful lot of them are big Adam Sandler fans.

In fact, the latest data provides some truly eye-opening statistics, working out that customers have spent more than two billion hours watching Sandler’s standard brand of formulaic and generally uninspired comedy, which equates to over 228,158 years. Essentially, if the company’s subscriber base consisted of only one person, then a Neanderthal would have fired up Netflix somewhere in ancient Eurasia, and could theoretically still be watching.

Of course, with the streaming site tending to be fairly secretive when it comes to releasing official viewing data, the true figures are probably much higher, because the two billion milestone was first mentioned back in February, and a lot of folks will have powered their way through the Adam Sandler back catalogue in the interim as they sought out some comfort viewing when Coronavirus restrictions were at their tightest. Regardless, there’s no denying who stands out as the jewel in Netflix’s crown, and the partnership will continue for a long time to come.