Netflix reveals first synopsis for ‘Enola Holmes 2’

Enola Holmes

Netflix is all ready to bring back the youngest (and undoubtedly brightest) sleuthing sibling in the upcoming sequel to the critically-lauded 2020 film.

Shooting on Enola Holmes 2 recently wrapped up, and the second installment is expected to hit the streamer sometime later this year. While the film is yet to get an official premiere date, Netflix has finally released the first synopsis teasing the dangerous mysteries that await the title hero. 

“Now a detective-for-hire like her infamous brother, Enola Holmes takes on her first official case to find a missing girl, as the sparks of a dangerous conspiracy ignite a mystery that requires the help of friends — and Sherlock himself — to unravel.”

The first film saw Enola running away from home after her mother’s mysterious disappearance. While her elder brother Mycroft is dead set on sending her to a finishing school to turn her into a proper lady, she’s too busy putting her impressive sleuthing skills to use in order to find her missing mother, and discover who is trying to kill the young Viscount Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge). By the end of the story, she realizes what she wants to do in life; be a detective, and a “finder of lost souls.”

Netflix has also released first-look footage of Enola Holmes 2 in the promo hyping the upcoming big releases of 2022. We see Brown’s return as the titular character already busy solving her next case, along with Henry Cavill’s returning Sherlock, the only downside is that we’ve got months until the movie arrives.