Watch: Netflix previews 2022’s must-see movies with stunning new trailer


Is 2022 going to be the greatest year ever for Netflix original movies? You’d be hard-pressed to argue otherwise after watching this stunning new preview of the streaming giant’s upcoming must-see films. The trailer, which you can see above, reveals our first glimpses at many of the star-studded features coming our way over the next 12 months which promise to cater to all tastes, from family films to comedies and from action to fantasy.

In an impressive gimmick, the trailer isn’t just a load of clips stapled together but contains the A-list names from these movies speaking directly to the camera from within their scenes. As Millie Bobby Brown’s teen detective points out during the Enola Holmes 2 sneak peek, they probably stole the idea from her own camera-winking antics.

Knives Out

There are too many great movies due this year to count, but a few certainly stand out as future record-breakers. The Gray Man is a spy thriller from Avengers directors the Russo brothers that pits Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans against each other, and throws Bridgerton breakout Regé Jean-Page into the mix for good measure. Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx slays vampires in horror-comedy Day Shift, Jason Momoa sports horns in family flick Slumberland, and Chris Hemsworth governs a sci-fi prison in Spiderhead.

Then there’s Adam Sandler coaching basketball in sports film Hustle, Anthony Mackie gets supernatural in We Have a Ghost, Eddie Murphy mocks Jonah Hill in You People, while Charlize Theron and Kelly Washington teach magic at The School for Good and Evil. But the trailer saves arguably the best for last with its brief tease at Knives Out 2. Seeing as the first film to star Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc was a box office smash, expect its sequel to detonate the internet when it eventually hits Netflix in late 2022.

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