Netflix reveals how well ‘The Adam Project’ cast its young Ryan Reynolds


Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds’ recent collaboration, The Adam Project, features newcomer Walker Scobell as a younger version of Reynolds’ character Adam Reed. How accurate is Scobell’s likeness to that of a young Reynolds, you ask? Well, thanks to a side-by-side posted on Twitter by Netflix Canada, we now have an answer. 

In a now-viral tweet from the streaming giant, a photo of Reynolds from his childhood is placed right next to a photo of Scobell, with the caption, “The Adam Project‘s casting of Ryan Reynolds’ younger self was absolutely spot on”. 

Many comments have noted the resemblance between the two photos and even showered praise on Scobell for his snarky portrayal in the film, similar to Reynolds’ sarcastic and hilarious demeanor in many of his films. 

The two stars spend a lot of time together on-screen in the film, as Reynolds’ future Adam, time travels and crash lands in the wrong time, thus enlisting his younger self to help repair his jet and find his wife.

The sci-fi film also stars Zoe Saldaña as Adam’s wife Laura, Jennifer Garner as his mother Ellie, Mark Ruffalo as his father Louis, and Catherine Keener as businesswoman Maya in supporting roles. 

The Adam Project was written by Jonathan Tropper, T.S. Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin, and is Levy’s and Reynolds’ second endeavor together, following 2021’s Free Guy, which was a critical and commercial success. It was released on Netflix on March 11.