Netflix Added 2 Great Movies Today

The Promise

Netflix added two new films today. The first is a Christian Bale-starring period piece set in the Ottoman Empire titled The Promise, the other an Alexandra Daddario-led horror movie called We Summon the Darkness. And here’s what you need to know in case you want to check either one, or even both of them out at some point this weekend.

The Promise first released in 2016. It’s directed by Terry George and based on a script he wrote alongside Robin Swicord. Aside from Bale, who plays a supporting character, the film also stars Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Shohreh Aghdashloo and Marwan Kenzari.

As mentioned, the movie is set during the final days of the Ottoman Empire. Location aside, it’s centered on a love triangle between a talented medical student, a famous American journalist and a young and beautiful woman. Where fans of Bale will appreciate his usually sophisticated performance, history buffs can relish in the pic’s meticulous set and costume design.

The promise

We Summon the Darkness, meanwhile, first premiered last year and is directed by Marc Meyers, based on a script written by Alan Trezza. It stars Daddario alongside Keean Johnson and Maddie Hasson and despite its relatively recent release, the film has already been largely forgotten. Now, however, Netflix has given it a second life.

The movie centers around a group of three friends who go on a road trip to see their favorite heavy metal band perform at a concert. While there, they befriend three wannabe musicians and head off to one of their country homes for a party. From the coincidental repetition of the number three to the remote location, the premise alone promises nothing good for its protagonists and pretty soon, things take a dark turn.

Tell us, though, do either of these films appeal to you and will you be checking them out on Netflix this weekend? As always, let us know down below.