Netflix Users Freaking Out Over Jason Statham Movie That Was Just Added

Jason Statham

Thanks to roles in the likes of the Expendables franchise, the most recent Fast and Furious films and, of course, giant shark blockbuster The MegJason Statham‘s star is shining brighter than it ever has.

Indeed, the 53 year-old’s been a regular presence in cinema for over two decades by now and can always be relied on to deliver exactly what you’d expect from a movie he features in. In fact, you could even say that the Jason Statham Action Thriller has basically become a subgenre unto itself, with the actor turning in one gruffly charismatic performance after another in B-level efforts as he disposes of an army of henchmen in films that are wholly enjoyable but never particularly memorable. Oh, and they almost always feature one-word titles.

Yes, be it ChaosCrankWarBlitzSafeParker, Hummingbird or Homefront, the man seemingly loves a short title and it’s that last movie which is making headlines this week. It might’ve released way back in 2013, but the perfectly acceptable and serviceable actioner was added to Netflix just a few days ago and as you can see down below, users are loving it.


For those who may be unfamiliar with Homefront – which could very well be the case as it wasn’t exactly a monster hit – it follows a former DEA agent (Statham) seeking a quieter existence with his daughter in a small Louisiana town. But when a dangerous drug lord (James Franco) starts causing trouble for him, he’s forced back into a life he thought he’d left behind.

Written by Sylvester Stallone and helmed by Gary Fleder, it’s hardly groundbreaking stuff, but it is one of Jason Statham‘s better efforts and is often forgotten about. Now that it’s on Netflix, though, it seems to be finding a whole new audience and if you haven’t yet seen it, you should rectify that immediately.