Netflix Users Praising Dave Bautista For His Army Of The Dead Performance

Army of the Dead

No one can deny that Netflix’s Army of the Dead is Zack Snyder in his purest form. Sure, he carved out the early days of the DCEU in his own image, but he was often fighting a battle of some kind against studio execs and wasn’t exactly let off the leash to make the movies he wanted to.

Being handed complete creative freedom by the streaming service, though, has allowed Snyder to deliver a film that’s a total blast throughout, with leading man Dave Bautista showing that he can carry a blockbuster with ease after years spent in supporting roles or as part of ensembles. True, Army of the Dead focuses on a group of mercenaries and thieves, but Bautista is very much the lead and he’s been finding a lot of praise from folks online, as you can see below.

While it’s not as if the former wrestler is going to win any awards for his work here, he does indeed do a great job as the heart of the film and the most well developed character. Army of the Dead gives him a solid chance to show off his acting chops and reveal some sides to him that we typically don’t get to see in his other projects.

That being said, the entire cast is terrific, from top to bottom, and though the acting isn’t exactly one of the film’s selling points, it certainly helps that Snyder assembled such a strong group of performers to bring his vision to life. But tell us, did you enjoy Dave Bautista’s work in Army of the Dead? Let us know in the usual place down below.