Netflix Will Now Warn You About Movies And TV Shows Being Removed From The Library

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Anyone who subscribes to even one of the various streaming services on offer has faced the anger and frustration that comes with finally deciding to watch a movie or TV show after scrolling past it countless times, only to discover it’s no longer available. The platforms are more than happy to heavily tout any fresh arrivals, but none of them are in a hurry to let customers know when something is on the way out.

As the undisputed market leaders, Netflix have been at the forefront of introducing or testing new features to improve the experience for over 190 million subscribers around the world, and the company’s next venture could see them expand the Top 10 most-watched list into a Top 50 to appease even the most indecisive of viewers.

The latest new addition to the Netflix interface is a very welcome one, as movies and TV shows set to leave the content library in the not too distant future have been slapped with a warning label telling people the date that the project in question will be disappearing, as you can just about see below in a screenshot from The West Wing.

The rights issues surrounding streaming content have become increasingly complex as each new service enters the fray looking to secure the most popular properties from their own back catalogues, with a huge amount of content on Netflix in the United States missing from many international territories and vice versa. This helpful new feature will let viewers know how long they’ve got to binge a series or watch a movie, though, which should theoretically see plenty of titles that are running out of time surge to the top of the most-watched list in the weeks before their departure, with The Office notably heading to NBCUniversal’s Peacock on January 1st.