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Netflix’s latest critical darling fails to debut at number one on platform’s rankings

A gem of a movie that is getting overlooked.

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A Netflix original film, applauded by critics, fails to land the number one spot on the platform’s Top Ten charts. They Cloned Tyrone received rave reviews from critics but hasn’t quite hit the mark in viewership and currently sits in third place out of ten.

With a stellar cast that includes Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, and Teyonah Parris, this sci-fi comedy currently boasts a 92 percent certified fresh score on the Tomatometer and a phenomenal 100 percent audience score. Despite this, it seems this hasn’t been enough to entice viewers to watch it en masse, as it currently holds only third place in its debut week.

They Cloned Tyrone had a limited release in theatres from June 14 before being released on Netflix on July 21. This latter release date meant it was competing with the theatrical releases of Oppenheimer and Barbie, which were also released on the 21st, with audiences putting their laptops to one side to head to the theatre. Since its release on the platform, the film has 6.3 million views with roughly 13.1 million hours watched. Sitting ahead of it is the documentary film Unknown: Cave of Bones which currently has 6.5 million views, and in first place is The Out-Laws, starring Pierce Brosnan, Nina Dobrev, Ellen Barkin, and Adam Devine, which has 12.1 million views.

They Cloned Tyrone is really not one to be missed, though. With a stellar performance from an all-star cast, the story is set in an economically depressed Black neighborhood in America; an unlikely trio finds out that the government has been secretly experimenting on them from an underground bunker. The film celebrates and explores the Blaxploitation genre, with one rather hilarious moment in the trailer where Foxx’s character slams their fast food out of their hands, saying, “It’s in the f**king chicken.”

You can catch this clever and hilarious film now available to stream on Netflix.

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