Netflix’s newest action thriller comes out of hiding to settle a score on the Top 10 in 86 countries

my name is vendetta
Cr. Emanuela Scarp/Netflix © 2022

It feels as though we get a new Netflix action thriller every few days, which admittedly isn’t too far away from being factually accurate. The streaming service’s most-watched charts may be getting overrun by festive cheer, but that hasn’t done a thing to prevent My Name is Vendetta from coming out of hiding to stake out a top spot.

As per FlixPatrol, the genre-bending hybrid of bone-crunching actioner, revenge story, survival thriller, and father/daughter drama has exploded out of the blocks to become an instant Top 10 hit in a hefty 86 countries around the world, with writer and director Cosimo Gomez’s hard-hitting feature ascending straight to number one in 15 of them.

my name is vendetta
Cr. Emanuela Scarpa/Netflix © 2022

Alessandro Gassman takes top billing as a former mob enforcer to heads off on the run with his daughter after she posts his picture on social media, which in turn leads enemies from his past straight to their door to murder her wife and uncle. Wracked with guilt and living in fear, the pair hole up and plot their retribution, with Gassman’s Santo realizing he may need to train his child in the abilities of cold-blooded killing in order for them both to survive.

A title so blatantly cheesy as My Name is Vendetta invites certain expectations, and while a 5.3/10 average rating on IMDb indicates they may not have been met, it’s clear that Netflix is virtually bulletproof when it comes to churning out violent genre flicks regardless of their nation of origin, with Italy being the latest territory to put its foot in the door.

It may well disappear from the viewership rankings entirely within a matter of days, but for now, My Name is Vendetta has been offsetting the onslaught of Christmas-themed titles to drive a stake through the heart of the content library.