Netflix’s Red Notice Features Groundbreaking Camera Technology

red notice

As the most expensive film ever made by the world’s biggest streaming service, one that features a trio of Hollywood’s most popular A-listers in the lead roles, it would be fair to say that Netflix subscribers are hyped for the impending debut of Red Notice, which comes to streaming on Friday.

The globetrotting $200 million action blockbuster might not be faring too well with critics, where it holds a Rotten Tomatoes score of 44%, but you can almost guarantee that by this time next week the user rating stands every chance of being twice as high.

Audiences love big names and bigger action, which Red Notice promises to deliver in spades. However, the movie also features some technological innovation, after director Rawson Marshall Thurber revealed to ComicBook that one shot flying over a bridge and down to the eye level of Dwayne Johnson’s Agent Hartley was groundbreaking in how it was both conceived and achieved.

“Thank you for noticing. Yeah, those are very, very special shots. In fact, those shots that you’re talking about had never been done before in the history of cinema, because the technology that we use to achieve those shots, you know, were invented about six weeks before we used them.”

Of course, people aren’t going into a breezy heist caper starring Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot to see the boundaries of cinema being pushed, but it does at least indicate that there’s going to be plenty of style on display in Red Notice to complement the undeniable star power.