Neve Campbell Explains Why She’s Returning As Sidney In Scream 5


Over the weekend, many of the cast of 1996’s Scream reunited for a virtual event to raise money for charity. The exclusive chat was well-timed, too, as production on Scream 5 is now underway. Two of those taking part in the event are set to appear in the latest installment in the meta-horror franchise, David Arquette and Neve Campbell (Courteney Cox is also in the film, but she wasn’t part of the reunion), and of course, they teased a little bit about the new flick.

Fans will know that Campbell was once very skeptical that she would ever return as Sidney Prescott following the passing of original director Wes Craven. Sure enough, it was touch and go there, with the actress holding off on agreeing to Scream 5 for many months earlier this year. In the end, though, she was convinced to reprise her iconic role by new directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin.

During the reunion, Campbell explained how the Radio Silence filmmakers were able to win her over by making clear their intentions to honor Craven’s voice and style.

“I had been really apprehensive about doing one of these films without Wes,” said Campbell. “The directors actually sent me a letter when the offer was sent and said the reason they are directors is because of Wes. So they’re even so honoured to even be asked to make this film, and that they’re such huge fans of him and the films themselves, and of the cast, and that they really wanted to honour his voice, which I really, really believe they did.”

She also revealed that the duo’s hit 2019 horror Ready or Not helped convince her that these two were talented directors.

“I’ve watched Ready or Not, which I thought was so good, so I thought, ‘They could do this,'” she added.

Those who’ve seen Ready or Not, starring Samara Weaving as a bride whose wedding night takes a sinister turn, will know that Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett can definitely craft a horror film that’s self-aware and fun and balances its genuine scars with a lightness of touch. Which is exactly what Craven brought to the first four flicks in the franchise. So, you can see why Campbell ended up coming back as Sidney.

Scream 5, produced by Spyglass Media Group and Paramount Pictures, is shooting in North Carolina now ahead of its release in theaters in January 2022.