Cable Looks Wildly Different In Never Before Seen Deadpool 2 Concept Art


Alexander Lozano’s Deadpool 2 showcase continues today with a sneak peek at a heavy-duty Cable.

This is the third of five media dumps, as earlier this week brought forth stunning new artwork of Juggernaut and Domino from Tim Miller’s original draft, though history tells us that David Leitch was ultimately the director who took point for Deadpool‘s second solo adventure.

Be that as it may, this artwork from Lozano, which was originally shared through Instagram, reveals a totally different look for Nathan Summers, the time-traveling freedom fighter who journeys back to the past in the hope of stopping Russell Collins (AKA Firefist) from murdering his family.

His mission draws the ire of Wade Wilson, who forms a “super-duper fucking group” known as the X-Force to stop Cable in his tracks, eventually leading to the sequel’s explosive finale. But as Lozano’s concept art clearly shows, Tim Miller originally had something a little different in mind for Nathan Summers.

As a matter of fact, the heavy-duty firepower and badass cloak wouldn’t look out of place in Destiny, Bungie’s shared-world shooter, and it’s fair to say that the third and final piece is perhaps the closest Lozano came to the final design chosen for Josh Brolin’s one-eyed mercenary.

Like we mentioned before, this is only the third piece of a five-part series, so we’ll be keeping one eye trained on Alexander Lozano’s Instagram feed for more Deadpool 2 concept art. Domino, Juggernaut and now Cable have each enjoyed their time in the sun, so perhaps the remaining artwork will shift the focus over to Colossus? Or Shiori Kutsuna’s Yukio? Rest assured, you’ll know as soon as we do.