Never Before Seen Freddy Vs. Jason BTS Image Emerges


Long before any sort of justice had ever dawned, Freddy vs. Jason debuted in cinemas as what may be remembered as the first notable crossover between two major horror franchises. Since then, we’ve received a couple Alien vs. Predator movies, the second of which performed so poorly that Fox split them back into their own separate entities, and to a much, much lesser extent, Lake Placid vs. Anaconda.

So, while it remains doubtful that any sort of sequel will happen outside of the comic book realm (one adding to Ash of Evil Dead fame to the mix nearly made its way to the big screen), we’ll continue going on interesting bits of trivia to preserve the memory of this mashup.

On that note, we’re pleased to be able to bring you a previously unseen photo showing Robert Englund, Freddy Krueger himself, catching a breath in between takes. Tweeted by screenwriters Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, this image shows the Springwood Slasher looking positively green.

Let it also be known that the picture in question was captioned with the following:

“FvJ FANS: Here’s a never before seen behind the scenes pic! I bet you can guess which scene this is from. (Thanks to The Ultimate Freddy vs Jason Archive and Benoit Girard from the VFX dept). Happy Monday!”

While the duo didn’t get more specific, it’s probably safe to assume Englund was getting ready for the final scene in which Ken Kirzinger’s Jason Voorhees was carrying his severed head. And though some will gripe that the big showdown had a clear winner in the form of Camp Crystal Lake’s top machete enthusiast, I was more so displeased with the lopsided kill count to be found in Freddy vs. Jason. But that’s just me.

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