New Avengers 4 Costumes May Confirm Time Travel Rumors


Marvel might be keeping a tight lid on anything to do with Avengers 4 right now but, as ever, tie-in merchandise is our friend. A piece of promo art for some packaging leaked online recently and revealed that two of the remaining heroes – namely, Thor and Rocket – will get a pair of matching new spacesuits in next May’s much-anticipated event movie. What’s more, the suits might allow us to extrapolate some juicy facts about the storyline.

You see, the God of Thunder and his noble rabbit friend’s fresh threads sure do resemble the Quantum Realm exploration suit that Hank Pym donned when he ventured into the micro-verse to rescue his wife in this summer’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. See for yourself in the comparison below and note the similar silver, red and black color scheme.

As the two costume designs aren’t identical, you might be thinking that we’re stretching it a bit here and Thor and Rocket will just need a couple of spacesuits for a mission they undertake in Avengers 4. However, it’s worth mentioning that these two characters have traveled all over the cosmos in their MCU adventures so far and have usually gone sleeveless.

It’s far more likely, then, that Thor and Rocket will take a trip into the Quantum Realm in A4. This lines up with practically everything that’s been rumored about the film. Following Ant-Man 2‘s post-credits scene, Scott Lang’s trapped in the QR and he’ll have to emerge from it in the next movie. What’s more, it’s likely his friends will use it to travel back in time, as signs point to Avengers 4 featuring the heroes attempting to collect the Infinity Stones from the timestream before Thanos does.

Continuing Infinity War‘s trend of having Thor and Rocket go off on side missions, perhaps the duo have to investigate the Quantum Realm for some reason in order for the Avengers‘ time travel plan to succeed. Hence the need for Pym’s suits.

Time will ultimately tell, of course, how much of this is on the level, but you can certainly color us intrigued for now.