New Avengers 4 Fan Theory Predicts How Thanos Will Be Defeated


Infinity War was seen by more cinemagoers than any other film this year, and it sometimes feels like every one of those viewers has their own unique theory on how Avengers 4 is going to wrap things up.

This latest piece of speculation comes from a Reddit user named JuggerClutch, who seeks to suggest a worthy conclusion for both Thanos and those dangerously powerful Infinity Stones. And as with many theories relating to the movie, this one takes things back to the Quantum Realm.

At the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp, Scott Lang was exploring this mysterious place when he survived Thanos’ genocidal finger-snap, and JuggerClutch argues that Ant-Man was saved from the fate of many of his superhero associates because this zone was immune to the effects of the Stones. Here, reportedly, lies the key to stopping the Mad Titan.

“Thanos won’t die in Avengers 4. My guess is that some time during Avengers 4 the Avengers will find out that the Infinity Stones don’t affect the Quantum Realm and therefore don’t work there either. They then will trick Thanos into the Quantum Realm, WITH the full Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos doesn’t care. He tries to use the Space Stone to teleport away, but he realizes that it doesn’t work. He tries a different stone and soon realize that the Infinity Gauntlet doesn’t function at all. “

With Thanos and our heroes on a more even playing field now, the stage is set for an epic final battle, with JuggerClutch continuing on to explain the following:

“That’s when we get a fight between the Avengers/Guardians/Cap.Marvel and base Thanos without the gauntlet. We’ll see a [bloody] fight, Thanos going all out, killing a few [heroes] but being defeated in the end. The Avengers take the gauntlet and go back to the normal world, leaving Thanos behind in the Quantum Realm.

They reverse the snap and send the gauntlet back into the Quantum Realm where Thanos finds it. He tries to use it again, but fails again. The Infinity Stones don’t work in the Quantum Realm and are therefore useless and safe, even in the hands of the Mad Titan himself. Poetic, almost.

That way the absence of Thanos and the Infinity Stones can be explained as well as having an option for both to come back in the future.”

Of course, you could also chalk it up to good luck that Scott Lang didn’t turn to dust while he just happened to be in the Quantum Realm, in which case, Thanos and his Stones may be just as powerful there as anywhere else. Still, JuggerClutch may not be wrong when they say that this could make for a pretty poetic way to end the saga for a villain who’s always seemed practically indestructible.

That being said, this is just one of countless contradicting theories for a film that still isn’t arriving for another 9 months. And you can expect the speculation to only grow more and more intense until Avengers 4 finally lands in theaters on May 3rd, 2019.